Company culture

We exist to develop technologically challenging products and services that may fill flaws or improve market performance.

In the near future, we aim to become an international benchmark in solving problems by creating innovative technological solutions.

Our conduct is based on economic, social and environmental sustainability; ambition; focus on results, teamwork, dedication, integrity.

Our passions are:

  • Design
  • Programming
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Electronic

The team

  • Ricardo cardoso

    CEO & founder

  • Cláudio Silva

  • Hugo Pires

  • Ana Silva

  • Joana Nascimento

  • Gonçalo Martins

  • Paulo Elias

  • Catarina Domingos

  • Tiago Elias

    Digital media engineer

How we work

We are attentive and curious.

We like to know how things work, we like to disassemble and reassemble and with the spare parts we still create something else.

We accept challenges

When we are asked to develop a specific solution, either a software, a device or an online platform, we analyze the situation, research several solutions and together with the client we draw the strategy that best suits the proposed problem.

Are we always waiting for someone to come to us? No!

We work "on our own" in the development of our own technologies and products, in order to meet our internal needs, but also some identified needs in the market. At the moment we are investing heavily in Innovation & Development of applications, software but also hardware, namely for the areas of agriculture and medicine.